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Is He Enough?


Is our God, El Shaddai, enough? He is more than enough? Is He on vacation? He is not?

Is this the harvest that we read about in I Corinthians?

What we know is that the Spirit is moving, and moving in ways not seen before. That means this is the time to allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit, to share the gospel, to talk about our faith.

What we also know is that the church must change. Many see the church not as a welcoming place of mercy and grace, but of rules and regulations and disdain for those who are the most in need. These people see not that God is with us, but that some have left God behind in their focus on the regulations of Christianity. We must bring the focus on God, mercy, and grace back to our churches, and back to ourselves to reach those who are lost.

We do this by allowing the Spirit to lead us into uncomfortable situations and conversations, and then speaking truth to that discomfort.

Be well. Walk in faith. Seek grace. Offer mercy.

Blessings, Pastor Mel